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Campus Improvement Plans 2016-2017
Austin Elementary PDF
Austin Elementary RTF
Avila Elementary PDF
Avila Elementary RTF
B.L. Garza Middle School PDF
B.L. Garza Middle School RTF
Barrientes Middle School PDF
Barrientes Middle School RTF
Betts Elementary PDF
Betts Elementary RTF
Brewster School PDF
Brewster School RTF
Cano-Gonzales Elementary PDF
Cano-Gonzales Elementary RTF
Canterbury Elementary PDF
Canterbury Elementary RTF
Cavazos Elementary PDF
Cavazos Elementary RTF
Crawford Elementary PDF
Crawford Elementary RTF
De La Vina Elementary PDF
De La Vina Elementary RTF
Edinburg Alternative Education Academy PDF   
Edinburg Alternative Education Academy RTF
Edinburg High School PDF
Edinburg High School RTF
Edinburg North High School PDF
Edinburg North High School RTF

Eisenhower Elementary PDF
Eisenhower Elementary RTF
Escandon Elementary PDF
Escandon Elementary RTF
Esparza Elementary PDF
Esparza Elementary RTF
Flores - Zapata Elementary PDF
Flores - Zapata Elementary RTF
Freddy Gonzalez Elementary PDF
Freddy Gonzalez Elementary RTF
Gorena Elementary PDF
Gorena Elementary RTF
Guerra Elementary PDF
Guerra Elementary RTF
Hargill Elementary PDF
Hargill Elementary RTF
Harwell Middle School PDF
Harwell Middle School RTF
Jefferson Elementary PDF
Jefferson Elementary RTF
John F Kennedy Elementary PDF
John F Kennedy Elementary RTF
Johnny Economedes High School PDF   
Johnny Economedes High School RTF
Juvenile Detention Center PDF
Juvenile Detention Center RTF
Lee Elementary PDF
Lee Elementary RTF
Lincoln Elementary PDF
Lincoln Elementary RTF

Longoria Middle School PDF
Longoria Middle School RTF
Lyndon B Johnson Elementary PDF
Lyndon B Johnson Elementary RTF
Magee Elementary PDF
Magee Elementary RTF
Memorial Middle School PDF
Memorial Middle School RTF
Monte Cristo Elementary PDF
Monte Cristo Elementary RTF
Ramirez Elementary PDF
Ramirez Elementary RTF
Robert Vela High School PDF
Robert Vela High School RTF
San Carlos Elementary PDF
San Carlos Elementary RTF
South Middle School PDF
South Middle School RTF
Travis Elementary PDF
Travis Elementary RTF
Trevino Elementary PDF
Trevino Elementary RTF
Truman Elementary PDF
Truman Elementary RTF
Villarreal Elementary PDF
Villarreal Elementary RTF
Vision Academy PDF
Vision Academy RTF
Zavala Elementary PDF
Zavala Elementary RTF