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Video Conference & Distance Learning Opportunities


Video Conference equipment provides an opportunity for students to participate in "Virtual Field Trips".  Campus are offered the opportunity to connect to lectures that are broadcasted from various places.  Students do not need to leave campus in order to "visit" a city or museum and speakers no longer have to travel to visit our campuses.  Our ECISD is able to participate in various types of programs via the Video Conference equipment purchased through ERATE funding. Many of  the "Virtual Field Trips" are free to the campuses.  We encourage you to take advantage of these incredible opportunities and experiences. 

Video Conference - Distance Learning Opportunities

    This website is dedicated to listing 
    Free Upcoming Distance Learning Events 2013-2014 
    All events listed below require the use of Video Conference equipment.  Click here to fill out the DL Event: Erate Form

    Please select "dial out" on the Region One Virtual conference Request form.
    Trying to call a campus? Click here for a Campus Directory
  • Animal Encounters: Prickly Porcupines (Non-Interactive)
    4/5/2016 Join Connect2Texas target audience 1st-5th

    9:00-9:45      Click here to register!
    10:30-11:15 Click here to register!
    12:45-1:30   Click here to register!
    2:00-2:45     Click here to register!

  • ScienceCast: Systems, Cycles and Storms with FOX 4 Meteorologists , Severe Weather!
    4/6/2016 Join Connect2Texas from 1:00-1:45 target audience 5th-12th

    Click here to register!

Video Conference Event Showcase

Video Conference Technical Tips

Tips for a successful Distance Learning Event:
1-Test your equipment by making a call via the Distance Learning equipment to either our IT department or another DL campus at least one day before an event.
2-Ensure that the designated "Drop" that is used for virtual conference equipment is marked and has been configured by network specialists.
3-Have the phone number to Region One Distance Learning  technical staff available during an event -  (956) 984-6061.

For DL technical issues please contact or 
****Don't forget to take plenty of pictures of all your events to share with your faculty and our staff.****